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    Save a flowlayoutpanel controls (IE labels) when a user closes application

    I need to save the location of the labels when the user closes, i think i need to make it serialisable or save something to an XML file but cannot figure out how to do it. the Labels can be moved from one FlowLayoutPanel to another by the use of the if statement and then add/remove methods...
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    Question Turn off Flowlayout Snap at runtime

    I found the solution in the end add this code to MouseDown flowLayoutPanel1.SuspendLayout(); flowLayoutPanel2.SuspendLayout(); followed by this in mouse up flowLayoutPanel1.ResumeLayout(); flowLayoutPanel2.ResumeLayout();
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    Question Turn off Flowlayout Snap at runtime

    I am creating a small project, where I want to drag a label from one flowLayoutPanel to another. namespace test999 { public partial class Form1 : Form { public Form1() { InitializeComponent(); } int shrewsbutyTotal; int...
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