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    Question Problem sorting DataGridView

    Thank you, JohnH, that worked. I had tried sorting on the DataSourceChanged event and that did not work. I didn't think to look for a different event.
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    Question Problem sorting DataGridView

    I see. Clicking the column header does sort the column. But I would like this column to be sorted when first displayed. This used to work but it seems as if there's a .net bug now.
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    Question Problem sorting DataGridView

    This does not sort the column: DataGrid.Columns[be.SortColumn].SortMode = DataGridViewColumnSortMode.Automatic; Is there something I'm missing?
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    valuemember in combobox

    In addition to what jmcilhinney said, I believe the DisplayMember and ValueMember properties have to be set before the DataSource property. -Paul
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    Question Problem sorting DataGridView

    Hello All, The problem I'm having is when I programmatically sort my DataGridView I get the following exception: System.InvalidOperationException: DataGridView control must be bound to an IBindingList object to be sorted. This shouldn't be happening. The data source is a DataView which of...
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    Question Owner Drawn ComboBox FlatStyle

    I'm new here so I hope this is where to post this question. I'm extending a ComboBox with the DrawMode property set to DrawMode.OwnerDrawFixed. When I do this the FlatStyle property no longer works the same way. Changing the FlatStyle changes the look of the control, but not with the same...
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