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    Question Extract parent element from XML document

    And? What a have you tried, and how are you searching the root element, and what Linq code are you using, and where in that code which you have not provided resides your problem?
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    Question Hi guys, currently making a guessing game and need some help with my code..

    How? Please explain your solution. And why are you calling to string on an object which is already a string? That's redundant code...
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    Question Why am I getting this error? <Reference Include="netstandard, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cc7b13ffcd2ddd51">

    I don't agree with these cheat topics and therefore am closing this topic before it starts, and here is my reasoning. When I worked with Electronic Arts, I had the misfortune of watching one of their better games of their early career become a destroyed product, and all because of trainers...
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    Question Export Datatable Records to file csv

    Welcome to the forums. You won't be getting a direct answer to this question because the nature of your question is incredibly broad... We have a rule whereas it's one question per topic. Your question covers multiple areas. To get better answers, start by asking one question per topic and...
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    Question How to get values from elements in JSON without indexing?

    If you know the contents of your file, you can populate your data to a class. From that class, you can then serialise to your csv file rather easily. One method I was showing Skydiver on another topic was the populate method : Populate an Object which he admitted was useful. Serialising and...
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    Answered Can I use instagram API with C#?

    Its not a language, An API is an interface which can be used by any programming language to interact with the server its in-front of, for what its worth, Instagram uses Python on its backend. But this doesn't limit your ability to use their API. Answered here : Instagram Developer Documentation...
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    Answered need help with a windows forms app game

    There is Welcome - The complete WPF tutorial A quick search on any search engine will return results of numerous places to learn. You are also in the right place by using these forums. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you like on these forums whenever you get stuck.
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    Answered C# string question

    It may not necessarily be a mistake given what @Skydiver is highlighting above. Since I don't know anything about the API, you are using. And given it's an (unofficial) API, it may already be blocked by Facebook who own Instagram. Hence why it's not working for you. That's just an assumption on...
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    Answered need help with a windows forms app game

    Wow. Your tutors need tutoring or replacing. And their study material needs burning. If they were modern-day tutors, they'd have you learning WPF. Teaching you Winforms first is doing you a disadvantage, because there is a huge difference between WPF/Winforms, and transitioning from Winforms to...
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    Answered C# string question

    One thing you should do, is; change how your code operates. And change your return type and how your calling code receives the result. public async Task StartUploadStory() You would be better to return your result to the calling code that ran the upload task once it's finished. I still...
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    Answered need help with a windows forms app game

    Are you honestly telling us that your school gave you a project and that project had 400 objects to use, or were these 400 objects your idea? Either way, that's a terrible idea. Why not randomly generate them and record their placement position as a point using x/y coordinates?
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    Answered need help with a windows forms app game

    That's the trouble with schools today. They teach dated material's you don't need to learn. They should be teaching wpf and not something which is EOL.
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    Answered C# string question

    Well we all have our preferences of what we like and don't like. I like to mix Blazor with MVC personally (When I do use it). Although, I don't use Blazor all that much anymore as I mentioned, that it has a few problems, and Its my own personal opinion that it's not ready to be used on...
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    Answered C# string question

    Both. The pseudo example he posted closely resembles your code minus the await call and random generator. Point is the same. However, may I ask why you chose Blazor? I'd much rather be using MVC. Using MVC in Blazor isn't required at all. Actually using MVC with Blazor is slightly slower...
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    Answered Hi guys, can anyone suggest any complex project ideas with the requirements listed below? Thanks!

    A calculator is only maths. I don't see where any of those bullet points hold any place in such an application. Perhaps consider making a Diary? That would allow you to utilise all of the bullet points above.
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