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    Question Simulating Screen Resolutions - Testing Application

    Can't say I have an answer to your question but do wonder if WPF is possibly helpful, this alternative to WinForms is resolution independent and so may make the problem itself go away.
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    Please help with List and Generic Method

    Unless I've misunderstood, all that's needed here is to specify a constraint on the generic name 'T' like this: void ProcessMyList<T>( List<T> list) where T : Fruit But I do wonder why the method must be generic at all, only if there are classes derived from Fruit or there's an interface...
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    Writing tests for code that relies on a SQL Server DB

    I'm simply using: Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting; I just want to have the code read a specified test input CSV file and at the same time access a corresponding set of tables that are prepared and populated to match the CSV data.
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    error CS0103

    I don't get this, are you seeing a compilation error or an error during debugging? If its debugging is there a stack trace? can you include the file "trial.dat" so we can repro the problem? Also the code as posted won't compile, seems we need both panes of code you posted and an additional...
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    Writing tests for code that relies on a SQL Server DB

    Hi, I want add some more tests to a console app that updates a database by consuming a CSV file. This is a critically important app that currently has no unit tests that verify we update the DB as expected. I want to add this, I believe I can add a project to the solution that sets up and...
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