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    Question how to do set pixel using graphics object of picturebox ?

    Hi, 1.I have list of points from the another bitmap(pixels locations actually) 2.I have Graphics object of picture box 3.I want change the pixels color of graphics object using list of points, How to do this?.
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    Question How to save picturebox's paint function drawings only on bitmap?

    I'm drawing shapes on the PictureBox control using Paint event of it. May I know how to save drawn shapes only on a bitmap without the picture box image(current). I don't want to save the PictureBox image. I have created the bitmap from the image(White background image) for saving a drawing on...
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    Question Is there any flood fill function that returns filled color points?

    I want to get the points from the flood filling algorithm and Is there any flood fill method that returns the filled points? I have a rectangle in a circle and the rectangle is divided by a line and if a user clicks on any part of the rectangle I will get clicked mouse point and I want to...
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    Question how to provide resize feature based on the mouse wheel up and down to a shape on the picture box

    Hi, 1. I have a picture box and I have drawn a rectangle shape. 2. If a user clicks on the shape, I can know a shape is clicked or not and based on the stored coordinates. 3. Now I want to provide the resize feature on the shape by using a mouse wheel event(scaling the shape), it can be up or...
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    any other way of removing or moving the shapes drawn on the image of picture box

    Hi, 1.I have picture box and loaded a image to it. 2.when a user draws a shape on the picture box I will store coordinates of the shape and drawn on the loaded image. 3. Now I have updated the project with moving shapes feature on picture box and when user moves the shapes of the picture box...
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    Question Why am I getting wrong rectangle(translated), while translation of rectangle(GraphicsPath) on the PictureBox

    I had drawn a rectangle shape(GraphicsPath) on the PictureBox in I will pick the mouse point(x,y) if a user clicks on the rectangle shape and moves the mouse cursor on the picture box, I will collect the mouse move point also.mouse move point was I want to do rectangle translation...
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    Question how to translate(move) shapes on the picture box?

    1. I have a shape on the picture box, I know it's position in rectangle object. 2. How to translate the shape according to new (x,y) point given by a user while mouse click? help me
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    Question Is there any function or way to find out the region or points, filled by AForge.PointedMeanFloodFill class?

    I'm using AForge library in a project and I want to fill the region with a color, position will be pointed by the user using a mouse on a shapes in the Picture Box control and how to get all filled points in the region or colored points. I checked the Aforge docs and the class properties Aforge...
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    Question Is there library to scale and resize drawn shapes(circles,rectangles) on pictureBox control

    I'm searching for a library, please suggest me. If you have the code to those operations let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Question Can't able to play .mpeg video file on laptop using AForge framework. bug 'Video was stopped"

    In my c# application, I'm using Aforge framework to read .mpeg video files. On the development server(windows server os), the application plays properly. But on a different system with windows 10 os, it says " video was stopped" with the same video. can you suggest me how to deal with this bug?
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    Question How to make application auto scale able and responsive to all the windows platforms?

    Hi, I have developed an application on Windows,64 architecture machine and .net framework 4.5 I copied the Release folder of the application and tested it on a laptop, But It was not scaled properly and not responsive and all the form controls were overlapped. solve this problem? I did use the...
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    Question How to update the ListView after the deletion of ListViewItem on it?

    Hi, 1)I have ListView control on Form 2)will populate the control with data with help of database. I have a delete button, if the delete button is pressed I will delete the selected item of the control in the database. I did use ListView.refresh() but the ListView did not update after the...
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