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    Resolved Textbox problem - Cannot Understand Text="						"

    <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="355" Margin="94,13,0,0" TextWrapping="Wrap" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="1811"><Run Text="Herstellerseriennummer:" /><Run Text="&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;&#x9;" /><LineBreak /><Run...
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    Answered Combine multiple lines into a single line in a textbox

    Hi, I have a wpf application that has a textbox to which value is inserted using a scanner. At one time when I scan a single data, multiple lines comes into textbox which can be scrolled down to see. But I dont want them as multiple lines. I want to combine all lines into a single line and see...
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    Resolved Manuel_Eingabe is a namespace but it is used as a type

    Hi, I have a big application with a main window. The application is in wpf. I need to enter some values. So I created a second window called Manuel_Eingabe to enter the values. Now in the main window I made a button and created an eventhandler as click. Now when we click on the button, I need...
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    Textbox not filling with last letter of the entered string

    Hi, I have created an application for learning purposes. Its a wpf application. The application works like this. First is the main window. It has a button called open and a textbox. When I click on open a new window will open up. This new window has 3 textboxes and 1 button ok. The three...
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    Find count of certain elements in the dataset

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in C# application. The dataset has the list of my friends with phone number, address and a id. This is for learning purposes. I need to find the count of certain elements , say for example the total count of all the friends with ID > 3. How can I do that?
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    Question Update using Table Adapter

    Hi, I have a sql server database with ID, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and Address. I have created a wpf application that has a dataset of the database and uses a datagrid view to view the table. I did this as a learning procedure. Now I am learning how to update the database using wpf...
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    Rearranging Dataset after updating Database

    Hi, I have a database and a dataset in visual studio. I updated the database by adding two new columns to a table in the database. Then I updated the dataset using Configure Data Source With Wizard and everything is fine. But the problem is the order of the columns in the dataset. In the...
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    Update Database

    I have a database with 2 tables in SQL Server and I have a C# program that connects to the database in Visual Studio and also a dataset is created from the database. I need to add a column to the table. So what I did is added the two columns using microsoft sql server management studio and then...
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    Trying to understand the database in visual studio

    Hi, I am trying to learn database management system that exists in my company. I am new to this. So there are things that I have understood so far. I want to know what I understood is correct or not. So there is this Database which when I checked in Visual studio is of type Microsoft Sql...
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    add two new columns and delete a column

    Hi I am a beginner level C# programmer. But currently I have a task to work with a Database created in C# using Visual Studio. My knowledge on database is also very limited.My first task is update the current existing database. i.e add two new columns and delete a column. My question is where...
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