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  1. sbondo1234

    Question Disable buttons if all checkboxes are unticked

    I have a DataTemplate that holds: <DataTemplate x:Key="hostListItem"> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <CheckBox x:Name="hostCheckBox" Margin="0 0 5 0" Unchecked="hostCheckBox_Unchecked" Checked="hostCheckBox_Checked"> </CheckBox>...
  2. sbondo1234

    Question How to upload file and POST vars to php

    I have a C# script that uploads an image to my webserver with PHP here: C#: WebClient Client = new WebClient(); Client.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "binary/octet-stream"); byte[] result = Client.UploadFile("", "POST", @"C:\mario.jpg"); string s =...
  3. sbondo1234

    Resolved Interactable graphics draw over a different process window

    My main goal is to be able to move a window that doesn't have borders, the window is for a different process that wasn't made with the same c# script. If this is the wrong way to go about it please tell. Is it possible to draw graphics over a different processes window that is interactable...
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