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    Cross application data access

    Hi All, I have a program written in VB6. We are still working on it, but we need to move into the .Net environment with it. The first piece I want to deal with is getting the collected data into some globally accessible system/format. I have to maintain the current program (in VB6) and...
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    Adding a routine that fires when a property is changed in a custom class

    Hi! I'm not even sure my title is correct, so please forgive me. I have created a class that is used to set properties on controls on Form1 from other forms. The basic process is that I have essentially created a collection of Public Variables that can be set by any form, and used by any...
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    How to set radioButton to checked without generating an event?

    Hello! I need to set a radioButon to checked and not generate a CheckedChanged event. Referring to an earlier similar post of mine: The SendMessageA function...
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    Set checkedListBox SelectedIndex without triggering a SelectedIndexChanged event

    Hello all! I'm trying to figure out how set the SelectedIndex to a -1 without generating an event. In VB6, I would use the function: Call SendMessageBynum(TargetList.hwnd, LB_SETCURSEL, SetValue, 0) But, I have not been able to find instruction on how to use the VB6 function in C#. Can...
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