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    my setup file won't run on another computer!

    hi dear friends I have made a c# project but I can't create it's setup files :( I've used some different components in my project like DevExpress components. when I create a setup file, it doesn't run on another computer! What's the problem and how to fix it?? I'm using Installshield and...
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    Can't access a control property's members

    Hi there I wanna access a chart control properties but can't! I think these pictures illustrate my problem I can't access PointStyle property's members
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    Question Help in OOP!

    Hi there I'm so confused in c# programming. I know some about OOP but it doesn't help me! I'm using DevExpress components and I don't know how to access it's controls' property. for example bellow diagram is for Radar Chart and I can't customize it's axis Could you please tell me how to use...
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    Question transfer data on LAN?

    hi there I would like to know how to transfer data on LAN? could you pls help me? thanks
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