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  1. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    Speaking of the devil... Just found an app pool eating up 6.2GB out of 8GB and 70% of the CPU of an 8 proc machine. I sent the app owner a nasty gram. The nasty gram would have included a memory dump so that they can debug their app, but the machine was so sluggish, I could barely do anything on it.
  2. Skydiver

    MVVM ICommand explanation ...

    It will be the WPF framework code which will register for an event notification.
  3. Skydiver

    MVVM ICommand explanation ...

    C# setters and adders have an implied value parameter. It is whatever the caller is passing in to the property setter, or event adder.
  4. Skydiver

    MVVM ICommand explanation ...

    Code execution will return to the code generated by code generated by XAML compiler when it sees the Command binding within your XAML. If you are not using declarative XAML, and instead using imperative coding with WPF, it will be where ever you wrote code to mind the Command property of the WPF...
  5. Skydiver

    MVVM ICommand better explanation ...

    Closing this thread since you have a duplicate topic.
  6. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    Also cross-posted over at DreamInCode...
  7. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    I must have misread the first post. The impression I got was that devices sent data to a WinForms app that was hosting the socket server, and then the WinForms app relayed the data over to the web front end. Now, it's a bit clearer that the socket server code actually lives in a DLL, and all...
  8. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    In my experience, IIS itself is stable. It's the apps running within IIS that are the problem. If they have a memory leak, or worse a Windows handle leak, then a long running app pool can be a major headache.
  9. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    As for that architecture, are you required to have that WinForms based app? Why can't it be a Windows Service running on the same IIS box?
  10. Skydiver

    Architecture question

    Still trying to understand what you are trying to do, but a few random thoughts: - IIS can be configured to keep the app pool running instead of it's default behavior of recycling every 29 hours, and stopping the app pool when there are no requests for 20 minutes. - web based and realtime are...
  11. Skydiver

    conversion problem

    The error there is spot on. You can't compare a string and a character. It's like trying to compare an apple to a bucket of apples. When you use the indexer operator [ ] on a string, it will return a single character. But your mystruct.kar member is declared as a string as per line 12.
  12. Skydiver

    conversion problem

    As an aside, if you are iterating over a collection, you shouldn't modify the collection. So on line 113, you are iterating over the collection tmb2, but on line 121, you are trying to add more items to the collection.
  13. Skydiver

    conversion problem

    What error are you getting? If you are not getting an error, what behavior are you seeing? What behavior were you expecting to see?
  14. Skydiver

    CSOM take delimited list and store in sharepoint multiline text metadata field

    Here's my suggestion: Go to the multiline text field in the SharePoint web UI form. Enter a few lines of text. Retrieve the data from the field using CSOM. Determine how the line breaks are encoded. Use the same type of encoding when you are storing your own data.
  15. Skydiver

    Démmarer une application sur un autre bureau virtuel

    Unfortunately, this is an English language forum. Please post your question in English.
  16. Skydiver

    Resolved calculator in C#

    Unfortunately, this is an English language forum. Please post your question in English.
  17. Skydiver

    ABB robot control with Kinect xbox 360

    Wait... So you premised you academic career on a final project where you were depending on just using a similar project on GitHub? Isn't that like betting your final exam grade and hoping to be able to copy off somebody else's test paper and hoping that other person studied for the exam and is...
  18. Skydiver

    Byte problems

    A binary writer would use up memory regardless of sending an integer or a float. The data to hold those 4 bytes for either an integer or float had to be stored somewhere. I suspect that you are looking at the wrong measurement. Anyway, if you are into unsafe code, C# let's you used pointers...
  19. Skydiver

    C# developer needed

    Sounds like he is asking for a code monkey, not a developer to do an online interview for him.
  20. Skydiver

    Word interop: how to gaet the name of an InlineShape object?

    The VBA Editor was "catching" it for me. When I typed in ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1), the next option given to me was AlternativeText as well as Title among other properties.
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