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    Question Looking for OpenCloud recommendations?

    I have been looking into setting up a new cloud, but I am looking to do so with opensource solutions. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding the ones on this page: If anyone has any suggestions, or alternative recommendations...
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    Refactoring Books For Focused Programming?

    Has anyone read this yet? Refactoring if so, is it any good? I am looking for a book on refactoring. Specifically one which addresses how to stay focused and addresses the issues of concentration loss while refactoring. If anyone has further suggestions on other books which have helped you, I'd...
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    What are you listening to right now???

    Day off today. So since I am not doing a lot. Just making minor adjustments to some personal projects. I thought we could share what we are currently listening too. Besides, most forums have a music topic. What types of music do you like, share them here I like all forms of music really. Except...
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    Hello fellow Authors. Here at CSharpForums.Net - we would like you to know that we value your contributions and time taken to submit your press releases, publications and articles of masterpieces on our website. We love reading your innovative material for products you've published, and...
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    What project are you working on now???

    A topic just for fun, and for everyone to join in. We can keep it updated daily and discuss what types of projects we are working on. (No code allowed). You can rant about your project, your employer (no names), and their infuriating implementation concepts they insist you use. You can ask for...
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    Answered 1000 post count to change topic prefixes

    Suggestion : Allow users of a specific group or post-based group of 1000 posts to be able to mark other topics as answered/resolved, etc. Benefits : Reduces moderator work load and responsibilities. (I imagine moderators would welcome) I've seen @jmcilhinney read many topics only to find out...
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    Who is online

    Can we have the who is online box back? There is a whole empty space on the right sidebar and there really is no need to remove it. Now it's just a hassle to go here Current visitors to see who is online and what they are reading.
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    Resolved Post content increase

    Post count characters need increasing from 10000 to 20000. There is not enough room to post a lengthy class, as well as details regarding the working of code involved. Users need to split posts into multiple posts which is an inconvenience.
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    A few suggestions for the forum

    I thought I'd put a few suggestions together, and put them inside one topic, but to keep it uncluttered, I will bullet them and briefly explain what each suggestion is underneath each bullet. Personal Messenger Access : Give back personal messenger to all users or users who belong to a post...
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    Edit Perms For Higher Post Counts

    Forum suggestion : Would you consider allowing a post based group with a user post count of 200 posts under their belt to avail of edit permissions for only their own posts. The restriction as it stands doesn't provide enough time for people like myself who regularly answer questions to edit...
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