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  1. Kontorta

    Question Execute Suggested Action Bug

    Hello guys. I want to add a Reference in the class library, but it's been stuck here for how long. Is there a method? project .net core
  2. Kontorta

    Question add a map to the project

    I want to add a map to my project, but I need to mark on the map I added. how can I do that? I will mark according to years and months, then I will pull that map from the database whenever I want. should I do this on web or as an app?
  3. Kontorta

    Question form application map help

    Hello guys. My project is this: I will show historical events between 1720 and 1900 on the map and when an event is clicked, the map will take according to the future of that day. Whichever historical event they click on, the map will take shape according to that moment and I will list the...
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