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  1. Neal

    Question .NET Standard Projects - No DEBUG Constant

    Why in a .NET Standard 2.0 Class Library in Debug in the BUILD section of the project properties is the DEBUG constant not checked?
  2. Neal

    Discontinuing Tapatalk

    Due to numerous issues with Tapatalk it has been removed from this forum'ware as it is not needed. This web site is fully mobile friendly (responsive) and will provide a far better experience when used directly. Did you know you can save web sites to your mobile device and launch like any other...
  3. Neal

    Question Windows Forms (Winforms) or WPF? (2019)

    It's 2019 and Windows Forms continues to seem to dominate mainly I suppose for ease of use, drag and drop, no requirement for MVVM. Microsoft has easy fixes for high dpi support and I've tested this on a 4K monitor and it does seem fine. I do wish the default font size was not 8pt but that is...
  4. Neal

    Testing Code

    var foo = ""; public Foo() { DoFoo(); } Public Dim Foo As String Public Sub DoFoo() DoFoo() End Sub
  5. Neal

    Question WPF vs. Winforms 2018

    One of those questions that are frequent, annual, and indecisive! When considering a new project in 2018 what platform are you choosing for Windows and why? WPF is the current and future platform, some say, yet Winforms continues to grow by 3rd party vendors (I use Developer Express) as if WPF...
  6. Neal

    public static readonly OR public readonly static???

    I tell ya, for a language that has such strict formatting such as the braces issue why the heck can't they standardize whether static becomes before or after the scope? I can have both public static readonly PropertyName and public readonly static PropertyName. Sloppy!
  7. Neal

    Question Prevent a new class from getting the folder name in the Namespace

    When I create a new class in C# it's appending the folder name to the Namespace. For example my project's namespace is Foo. I have a folder named Blah. If I add a new class (file) to the Blah folder the namespace is created as Foo.Blah. How can I turn this off so only my project namespace...
  8. Neal

    New Syntax Highlighter installed to forum

    Hello C#'ers: I installed a syntax highlighting system that will properly (hopefully) highlight your code and also include line numbers. If you look at the toolbar above this message editor you'll see a "c#" button on the far right. Click it and then enter "c#" (no quotes) to indicate you want...
  9. Neal


    private void DoSomething() { DoSomethingHere(); }
  10. Neal

    Question Why doesn't C# automatically add a close } when { is typed?

    So I'm creating a few properties such as: public string MyName { Why when I type that { isn't a } placed for me automatically? It's crazy that I have to enter enter } and then up arrow to code.
  11. Neal

    Question What are the better conferences to go to?

    If you're going to go to one or two conferences a year, which are the best value? In other words, the most bang for the buck these days?
  12. Neal

    Question Why can I access a class scoped as INTERNAL from another assembly?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is a Mono bug (MonoTouch 4.0.0 with MonoDevelop 2.4.2) but I have a class library and in that class library I have a class named "Logger" which is used to write error data to a file. I have this class scoped as INTERNAL. From my main app I have the using statement...
  13. Neal


    Welcome to the C# Developer Community! This is our sister forum to our popular VB.NET Forum community and also our new Windows Phone 7 Developer community. Feel free to post your questions and please review the available forums so you can post in the appropriate forum. We invite your C#...
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