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    Dapper Extensions - Methods not accessible by MySqlConnection

    Hi I installed Dapper and Dapper extensions from the NuGet package Manager but I'm not able to use methods like Insert, Delete, etc... Is there something amiss in my project. I have a model using Dapper; namespace TBT.Models { publicclassCategory { publicintId{ get;set;}...
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    Add form in View at runtime

    i want a form containing a text bar to appear when comment is clicked <li><a href="#" id="comment">Comment</a></li> I couldnt do it using razor so I tried writing a Jquery script <script type="text/javascript"> $('#comment').click(function () { $('div#txtcmd').html...
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    Regular Expressions

    Hi, I wrote a regex to check a phone number format in my view-model but it always raises an error no matter how the number looks like. I want it to be in either of these 2 formats 05XXXXXXXXX 02XXXXXXXXX [DataType(DataType.PhoneNumber)]...
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    Nhibernate query throws NullReferenceException

    Hi, I added a register form and a database driven authentication to a project I'm working on. Since then, I get a null reference error without seeing any validation summary when I try log in. The same thing happens when i try opening the register page. But errors occur when the app is reading...
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    Synchronising threads

    I have a thread which appends a 100 "_" into a file and another one a 100 "-" into the same file. Any idea how to synchronise them in order to get an output like _-_-_- etc.. I guess the solution will be similar in C# Imports System.ThreadingImports System.IO Module Module1 Dim NesneMutex...
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