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  1. ausm

    Question Open-Source Database Agnostic ORM

    Hmm, maybe my post was a bit spammy indeed. My appologies. But thanks to your clarifying posts at least this thread is full of topic related answers, and everybody looking into this will find all answers he/she is looking for. Thanks alot, well done ;)
  2. ausm

    Question 0.3 / 3.0 why not equal to 0.1

    You can keep using .Net Core, it is the type you are using. float and double will give you the best precition for a floating point number using the space that they are using in memory. You can use them e.g. in games for values where thier decimal representation doesn't matter that much. If it...
  3. ausm

    Question Open-Source Database Agnostic ORM

    For it being a product would require me to take money for it, right? I don't think that I spamed anything, I just posted a couple posts on threads that are about EF alternatives, what my library is.
  4. ausm

    Resolved Best ORM for working with SQLite

    @Sheepings have you ever tried this Library?
  5. ausm

    Question Open-Source Database Agnostic ORM

    This Library might not be database agnostic, but you can implement a custom IDataBaseProvider for any database you like.
  6. ausm

    Question What is the best ORM for dot net core 3.0 or above?

    On the spectrum of state management Dapper is more on the direct/not managed side. You create a connection, you open it, and you give dapper a query to execute and convert into the given type. Entity Framework on the other hand is in the middle of the spectrum, you create a DbContext that is...
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