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  1. Neal

    Problem with configuration file

    Did you misspell the database name?
  2. Neal

    Question Exception Thrown When the APP get crashed

    This forum is for C#, if you have questions please go to VB.NET Developer Community
  3. Neal

    Xamarin MySQL connection

    I suggest using the nuget package sqlite-net for your database work.
  4. Neal

    Answered Wpf .net vs wpf .net core

    Yeah, the WPF Core etc. is very confusing and misleading. You would think woohoo we can run WPF apps on macOS which would be great. But that's not the case. But when you start mixing technologies you have a problem such as using EF Core (which I love) now you have to ensure the right .NET...
  5. Neal

    How to execute batch file sequentially from C# wcf service?

    If your WCF service is hosted under IIS you'll need to ensure the AppPool has the correct user and permissions assigned to execute the batch file.
  6. Neal

    why .Update duplicating a record?

    Did someone say NHibernate? Now that is a disaster! I personally love EF and even more so EF Core. I suggest all of the above watch the EF Core and EF Core In Depth series. 5-part series / intro: 10-part series...
  7. Neal

    How do I convert my SQL query to Entity Framework DBContext

    I love EF especially EF Core, they've made huge improvements. Watch the recent Channel 9 series to learn more. But that's off topic.
  8. Neal

    How do I convert my SQL query to Entity Framework DBContext

    You get a jobList collection returned you can then apply LINQ against jobList.
  9. Neal

    What project are you working on now???

    Windows Server 2019
  10. Neal

    What project are you working on now???

    Local feeds - interesting. I'd rather have the project in the solution as it's easier to maintain, to me, compile, tweak, whatever. But something that rarely changes, I have in my nuget server I host. Mainly what's in here are 3rd party source products I own, may have tweaked and compiled for my...
  11. Neal

    What project are you working on now???

    Yeah, nuget is certainly the hot topic these days. Are they replacing project refs? Interesting thought. How are people managing their own nugets? I personally created a nuget server and that's how I do it. Is there an easier way of handling private nugets?
  12. Neal

    Question .NET Standard Projects - No DEBUG Constant

    Another weird thing is in .NET Core 3.1 projects (or at least my core Web API project) there is no Class template. If you right click a folder and choose to add a class it's completely empty, no template contents. If you choose Add New Item then Class isn't even an option to pick from...
  13. Neal

    Question .NET Standard Projects - No DEBUG Constant

    Why in a .NET Standard 2.0 Class Library in Debug in the BUILD section of the project properties is the DEBUG constant not checked?
  14. Neal

    Visual Studio Team Explorer - show history of all branches?

    In the update for this week of VS 2019 there is a new preview feature for some new Git explorer that may be leading the path towards what we need. I don't know much about it, just updated last night and went through some VS options and found it.
  15. Neal

    VS and different Repos per project

    This is a long time problem with Visual Studio on the Windows side. Xamarin solved this long ago on the Mac side as in VS for Mac now. From what I hear this is the #1 request of Visual Studio yet it still hasn't happened, not sure why. Best thing, IMHO, is to use an external source control client.
  16. Neal

    What project are you working on now???

    Never heard of Prestashop, it appears to be a PHP product. I prefer .NET ecommerce platforms. nopCommerce is done on ASP.NET Core so I can easily extend it with their source and I also learn from products such as this to improve my .NET programming.
  17. Neal

    What project are you working on now???

    (in progress) - Migrating .NET Framework ASP.NET Web API to ASP.NET Core Web API due to Apple changing push notification requirements which only core can handle (http/2). With that is also migrating EF6 to EFCore and moving several projects off of .NET Framework to .NET Core / Standard...
  18. Neal

    Resolved Best ORM for working with SQLite

    What are you using in place of it? I know nopCommerce ditched it for something else, can't remember, LinqToDB or something I think.
  19. Neal

    Resolved Best ORM for working with SQLite

    Why do you make this statement?
  20. Neal

    Discontinuing Tapatalk

    It will make my life more enjoyable. Google had a problem with tapatalk so they knew something was bad about it, their day is done.
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