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  1. sultanuzzaman

    Navigation throws null exception when returning to a page 2nd time

    I have a serial port controller (for sensing any object that passes through its transport module) connected to USB. It responses with either 0 or 1 after input command "t" when it senses any dropping or no dropping of object through the transport. The page CshDeposit5 contains the code...
  2. sultanuzzaman

    Navigating to a page second time throws null exception

    I am using a serial port device that checks whether any object has been passed thru its gate when it is open. It takes "t" as input and responds with "1" if the object completely passed thru or "0" if the object returned. Depneding on the response the UI navigates to different pages with...
  3. sultanuzzaman

    Question Is it possible to load a navigation page without clicking on any button or any event

    I have this following code that acts when there's an error: public void ShowErrorScreen() { NavigationService nav = NavigationService.GetNavigationService(this)); nav.Navigate(new Uri("ErrorMsg.xaml", UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute)); }But it doesn't seem to be working for "this"...
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