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  1. Minapps

    How to copy an image from App to external storage Unity Android?

    How can I copy an image from my app to external storage with Unity Android ? I want to store an image in my app, and when the user clicks on a button it appears in the external storage. I found that I can use StreamingAssets or persistentDataPath but it looks like I can only read files from...
  2. Minapps

    Resolved How to call a Java plugin with context

    Hi, my game needs to know if the GPS is activated on an android device but I get an error. I made a plugin in Android Studio that returns true if GPS is activated and false if it isn't : package com.minapps.minappsandroidlibrary; import android.location.LocationManager; public class...
  3. Minapps

    How to access android system settings with Unity

    I'm making an app and need to be able to check if settings like : Bluetooth/Phone Rotation/Flashlight/Plane Mode/GPS/Phone Brightness/Silent Mode, are activated on an android phone. I haven't found any way to do it within Unity, using C#. I found ways to do it using Xamarin but none of them...
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