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    Question reading text file using System.IO.File.ReadAllText - problem

    Dear all, I am trying to read the text file which has exe files folder path ( d:\retail\ ) from menu items. I am using the following code.. private void rMSALESToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string str = System.IO.File.ReadAllText(@"d:\retail\rep_path.txt")...
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    sap crystal reports is not working with run time engine installed

    Hi, Hi , I am using visual studio 2012 with sap crystal reports in windows 10 64 bit. I installed sap crystal reports which has been downloaded from web. Using the setup I installed sap crystal reports and 64 bit runtime for dot net frame work. I have developed crystal reports and implemented...
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    Resolved sap crystal report with c-sharp is not showing result in client pc

    Hi, I am using c# windows application in visual studio 2012 on windows 10 64-bit. I installed sap crystal reports 64-bit (Its name is CRforVS13SP26_0-10010309) . Sap crystal report in c# has been developed and running fine and showing the report result in my system. I used oledb connection...
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    Resolved not connecting to sql server at client pc

    dear all c# windows applicatoin is successfully running on my pc, and showing the result but not on client pc. c# app is opening but after giving input and click print button which has the code that fails to connect to sql server. plz give solution. plz find attached file. thanks and regards madhu
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    sap crystal report throws an error at client pc

    Hi, I am using sap crystal reports for visual studio 2012 on windows 10 64 bit. I developed c# windows application with crystal report viewer and tried to run the windows form on client pc. Client pc is also windows 10pro system 64 bit. At client pc I am able to open windows form but when...
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    sap crystal report problem with Windows 7 64bit

    Hi friends, I have windows form application with form1 and form2 in form2 i have sap crystal report in crystral report viewer. I am able to run this on windows 10 platforms with sap crystal report runtime engine installed. But on windows 7 64 bit, the windows form form1 is opening but form2 is...
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    form with sap crystal report is not running on client pc

    Hi, I am using visual studion 2019 and sap crystal reports in my pc. I developed a windows form using c sharp and sap crystal report added in the crystal report viewer. In my pc it is running fine. But in client pc the executable form is opening , but If I want to navigate to form2...
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    Reading the text file and calling from menu

    HI Friends, I am trying to call the windows forms through menu strip. In menu strip items i have written the following code which reads a text file "rep_path.txt". the text file contains only line d:\\reports\\ private void SALEPRODToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {...
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    Problem in calling crystal report using selection formula with dates

    Hi I am trying to call crystal report from c# using a button click. In the form I have two datetimepicker controls named DT1 , DT2. I have used the following code in button. crpt is the crystal report conrtrol. pur_ord_vw is the view in database. UserId = "sa"; Password = "gms123"...
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    Problem in updating the database table rows using the datagridview

    plz give solution for the problem with with following code written in a button. the purpose is updating the database table with the contents of each row in the datagridview control. the problem is only one row is getting updated in database table even i updated many rows. con = new...
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    text box validating event is not firing

    my code is as follow private void textBox1_Validating(object sender, CancelEventArgs e) { MessageBox.Show("text box validating event"); MessageBox.Show(textBox1.Text); } I am entering some value in text box and press tab key , the...
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    Problem in using the database connection string mentioned in a text file

    Dear friends, plz help to solve my problem. I want to place the database connection string in a text file and i want to read the text from windows form of c#. the connection string in a text file named "server.txt" is as follows Data Source=MADHU\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=GSTNDB;User...
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