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    Linq with Null values in the WHERE Clause

    Hello people! I have a table with a lot of columns. I want to be able te let the user search on every column. Afterwards I perform a linq query and this should show all the correct data. Problem is that all empty cells return a null value. Making the Linq query not working. I have following...
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    KeyUp in datagridview with EditOnEnter not working

    Hello People! I have a problem in my DataGridView: I like to have a cell Always be in editmode as I enter it. (DataGridView.EditMode = EditOnEnter) This works perfectly! I want to use the function-keys F7 and F8 for two different things: F7 adds a new record, F8 opens the selected...
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    Question Datagridview giving errors on adding a new row on the comboboxcell

    Hello, I have problems with a comboboxcolumn in a datagridview: As I want to insert a new row, I get a "System.ArgumentException: The value of the DataGridViewComboBoxCell is invalid." I am using Linq to SQL to populate the data from different tables: - Table Customer (ID (key), Name,...) -...
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