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    Updating Listbox in Another Form

    I have 2 forms. Form1 contains a list box and a button that says update. If the user selects a number from the list box and clicks the update button then form2 pops up. Then the user can enter a number in form2 and click the update button. I want the number that the use enters to be updated in...
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    Using DateTime and Printing it in textbox

    I have this code here that I'm using to print the number of days between two dates. After the user enters the dates in 2 text boxes on my form, I have a third text box that displays the amount of days. For example: 1st text box: 1/2/2020 | 2nd text box: 1/10/2020 | 3rd textbox: 8.00:00:00. In...
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    Adding textbox input to array

    Inside my form I have this code: int[] totalScoreArray = new int[20]; int intScoreCount = 0; For my assignment I need to: Modify the Click event handler for the Add button so it adds the score that’s entered by the user to the next element in the array. To do that, you can use the score count...
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    Parsing Strings

    I'm trying to parse an entered email address into a text box. I want to split the entered input like this (before the @ sign and after it) BOB | @ | GMAIL.COM. This is what I have so far for my code: txtEmail.Text = txtEmail.Trim(); // using this to trim the string to make sure there are no...
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    Radio Buttons Question

    I have a form with a group box that contains 3 radio buttons. When I run the form none of them are selected. I want the first radio button to always be selected when the form is run, but I'm not sure which property to change for that. I tried setting the Checked property to True but that didn't...
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