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    draw line with exist coordinates

    You can only expect so much from winforms. WPF is a lot better and much more efficient for drawing. However, I think regardless what you use to draw in windows, you will always notice some type of botching, rigidness, pixilation, but Skydiver is right, that thick pen isn't helping you. One...
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    Question regarding Smallest Value.

    They are a beginner. I highly doubt they know how to debug let alone know what a debugger is... Use decimal.Zero instead. On line 11, you have set the smallest invoice to the max value. What's the point? You're changing it again on line 29. I don't think you know what the code is doing...
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    Resolved Program not catching exception

    Ok so you are adding them rows on line 11... but your only adding 6 of them??? Ah here, I'm so confused right now. :LOL: Come back in here and do some explaining please.
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    Resolved Program not catching exception

    On btnAdd_Click, put a debug point on line 9 and check the iteration cycle on value. At any time is that value null? You know you really could help us by telling us what is null, instead of making us read all your code to work out the riddle.
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    Resolved Program not catching exception

    Lets back all the way back up to the start so you can explain... What do you want to do? What is your expected result? What is the actual result of your expected result? I am asking this because it is unclear and you come in to the topic like we are meant to already know what your trying to...
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    Resolved Why my recursive function calling itself again after returning the value ?

    Wise choice to use an appropriate collection Skydiver. Good advice falls on deaf ears it seems! Long live Json. ? XML is horrible to work with. It's overly convoluted to work with. I only ever use it when working with html code. Other than that, if I had an option to choose Json, I would every...
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    Question How to print a grid ?

    Try do it this way... PrintDialog __PrintDialog = new(); if (__PrintDialog.ShowDialog() == true) { PrintTicket __Ticket = __PrintDialog.PrintTicket; __Ticket.PageOrientation = PageOrientation.Landscape...
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    Resolved Why my recursive function calling itself again after returning the value ?

    If you want the list in a given order, would you not be best using a collection that does that for you upon populating it instead of reversing the order after its populated? Using the right type prevents you from having to reverse the order, if you use the proper collection type for the order...
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    Resolved Charts.js alternative

    Look no further. I use Live Charts, always have and always will : Live Charts They also use MaterialDesigns. In their examples. I will let you do your own research into that one. Why in the heavens are you using Winforms? You should be using wpf. If aesthetics is important to your boss...
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    How to manage/use the token returned (on successful login) by a webapi provider?

    It's an interesting article. I remember seen this argument somewhere before, but I also remember agreeing with the arguments being made regarding how a httpclient should be used and for what duration, and should they be destroyed and disposed etc. @Skydiver Have you read Darrel's comments in...
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    Resolved Publish failed. Check output for more details.

    Rather than mark a topic as resolved without a reply, could you please explain what worked for you? As this information may help others.
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    Resolved Publish failed. Check output for more details.

    I've been pondering why Microsoft.WebTools was in there, but I think that's what is used to update your clickonce. Sadly your error appears to be a widespread open bug from what I have read here : System.Exception: Publish has encountered an error · Issue #10621 · dotnet/sdk and on the...
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    Get URL from WebBrowser

    I stand corrected. It's back on the table providing you implement OAuth. (Basically facebook login) Using the Graph API with Code Samples - from there you can get the user id's. Previously, facebook didn't allow apps access to the user id's. Looks to be changed since I last used it.
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    Get URL from WebBrowser

    My hunch is they are scraping for user Id's because facebook would likely terminate any application who tries to obtain a users id. There are old posts online that allow you to call this api :"your token" but I believe you can not use this...
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    Question Error with Xamarin Forms iOS release build

    Apply some error logging until you can narrow the issue. Without seen the code, it's hard to say. It doesn't really matter if Android works, and iOS does not. Because they both depend on entirely different API's. Error logging is currently your best bet. Have you run it through emulation to...
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    Question Getting URL from Properties.Resources

    That's because the people who made the axWindowsMediaPlayer library were idiots. They used an improper variable name to define the type to be something its not. The parameter you are using works because the address of the value URL is not a url at all; but a string. Its not even defined as a...
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    Resolved Publish failed. Check output for more details.

    Using Microsoft.WebTools in a forms application? On the drive with your project, open it in visual studio and click build, and clean. Then rebuild your project for 'release'. If that doesn't work, run the application in debug mode on the computer where it won't run and then you will see where...
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    DataGrid Hide columns if all row values are null

    Why aren't you generating your view instead of being shabby by setting visibility? I will let you research how to change your xaml code by re-rendering your apps ui. As to explain would be very lengthy, and is a separate issue to your question. To answer, yes, like most parts of most controls...
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    .NET to Xamarin iOS?

    Short answer is yes, with moderate difficulty! What the Jm and Skydiver are saying regarding "depends" and to elaborate... It depends on your code, and whether or not you write code properly, by using API's correctly, interfaces, etc. All of these will not be portable since iOS has different...
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    Array, how to erase an element and resize it

    @AlamaFromBe glad you like it. On the line where you have Debug.WriteLine() - hover over debug, and you will see an icon appear. Then click that and click using System.Diagnostics; This will place the using System.Diagnostics; at the top of your code file with the rest of your using directives...
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