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    Something broke my C# application

    Sorry about the cryptic subject line, but I have a bizzare situation... Upgraded to the latest version of VS 2019 this morning and something stopped working - I'm passing some argunments from one form to another, by making them public on the recieving form. I've done this many times before...
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    Can I force a form to display on a dual monitor PC?

    I'm creating an application that will display data on 2 large forms. The target platform (Windows 10) will have two monitors. and I'd like the application to be aware of that and automatically display the 2 forms on their own monitor. Currently I have to drag one of the forms to the 2nd monitor...
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    Resolved forms not taking focus

    Main form shows form 2, form 2 shows form 3. If I mouse click the top of form 2 I would expect it to take focus and be the top window in the display. With this project, it doesn't.. form 3 stays on top. If I minimize form 3, I can get to the controls on form 2. Is there a property somewhere that...
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    Answered convert floating point to fixed and back

    I have an application that will stuff fixed point values into CPU registers. They're 32 bit (4 byte) and specified as: Unsigned fixed-point number: 5 bits integer 27 bits fractional Min = 0x0 = 0.0000000 Max = 0xFFFFFFFF = 31.9999995 How would I convert a number like 1.003936 to 4 bytes...
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    Question Converting a C++ function call to C#

    I have a DLL that uses arguments that are pointers: void __cdecl Rgp(double X[], double Y[], double *slope, double *offset, int32_t n_input); I can fix the array syntax but what do I do about the pointers? [DllImport("linearize_r01.dll", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]...
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    Answered FatalExecutionEngineError using a dll

    I have a third party dll that I want to use in a C# application. I have sample code in C++ including the function declarations and I've created a console application, modified with (I think) equivalent data types and my homegrown printf(). When I run the application it chokes at the first...
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