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    Resolved Excel cant seem to find my comhost.dll

    On my main machine, my .Net Core 6 functions work via a comhost.dll / tlb in Excel with no problems. They work if i just manually register it via Power Shell using Regsvr32 inside of visual studio. I can then create a SetUp project and install it on my main machine and that also works, i can...
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    Resolved How to run (or install) App as administrator

    Hi, I'm using .Net 6 on win 11 and since upgrading windows i ran into this problem where my c# app now will only run as an admin. Spent quite a long time googling but none of the answers seemd to be the right one. I have added in a manifest but this still doesn't allow the app to run when...
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    Backroundworker is having Cancellation pending set at random

    I can reproduce this but not every time the sub method is called (it seems to depend were its called from), however at no point have i called CancelAsync() method so i dont understand why the CancellationPending flag is ever set...
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    Problem .Net 6 COM and excel VBA revisitied

    Hi, i've setup a project that uses .Net 6 and is call from excel VBA. Some of the functions work fine but others are not. Its really not clear to me why they dont work. I've tried everything i can think of many times over. The interface; namespace COMThermoClass {...
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    Excel VBA calling a .net 6 function?

    Apologies if this has been asked before but i couldnt find an example of this working. In the .net framework is realtively easy to get excel talking to C# code via COMinterop but i cant find anything equivelent in .Net6. Really want to move to .Net 6 as it executes my code faster but i still...
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    Profiling 64 bit

    Im sure there's an obvious answer this but i don't know what it is after a not small amount of time looking for the answer. Can the profiler in visual studio work with 64bit? If so how?
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    COM DLL no longer working with excel

    My COM DLLs are not longer working from excel. (as far as i can tell its after installing .Net5 or .Net6 preview). The DLL is still created using .Net 4.8. The same code is working on a diferent VM. The DLL is recognised by excel and so are the functions defined int he DLL. Howvere the code...
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    Resolved Just Upraded to .Net 5, my static int Count variable is no longer being initialised

    So when i try and use it in the constructor it gives an error (its null), this didn't happen in .Net 4 so im wondering if its a Core feature or .Net 5, any ideas?
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    .Net 5 lost references.

    Im having problems with .Net 5. I upgraded my solution using the upgrade-assistant tool. Long story short many of the project references simply dont work anymore, so the error list is up in the thousands as objects created in other projects (which are part of the solution) are no longer...
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    Array Acces Speed

    Hello, i have a program which is heavy on array access, so i've been tyring to optimise the speed. This is important for the overall program which is highly iterative with lots of matrix manipulation. I was hoping to get any criticism of the code below or any further suggestions to speed it up...
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    Resolved The view designer menu is not available

    The 'view designer' menu is not available and several forms (but not all) are not recognise as being forms in the VS Solution Explorer. It is a .Net Winforms project. They used to be recognised as forms up until some recent updates to the VS. How can i edit them visually?
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    Matrices and object field relative speed.

    Some background, im an engineer not a professional programmer so apologies for any dumb questions. I have a program that is calculation intensive and i want to speed it up. My understanding (from reading forums) was that C# is optimised for Jagged Arrays, but my test below seems to say not...
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    GetObjectData not being called on base classes

    I'm having a weird problem, I have a bunch of classes that are saved using binary serialisation, the top level class is being created in another project and serialiased from there, this is failing to call the GetObjectData methods on some base classes (but not all). If i create a new project...
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