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  1. Mehran

    Question Glass Effect For title bar only

    How can I design the Tittle bar in Windows form Like the picture you see Unfortunately the only link I found to solve this problem,It is written with the vb and And that it does not work in Windows 10
  2. Mehran

    Problem sending photo to API

    Hello Good time ! I want to send a image file to the following address I tested it with Postman and it works.. I wrote the following code try { string URI = ""...
  3. Mehran

    Are there any C# Bitcoin libraries and/or mining pool software packages?

    Hello everyone I searched a lot, but there is little or no content, One of our company's software will be installed on 20,000 computers so I want to take this opportunity Can I connect to the pool via API ?
  4. Mehran

    Question change the style of the group box

    How can I change the style of the groupbox exactly like what you see in the picture? Similar to the part I highlighted in the image
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