1. A

    Question Develop a Linq query

    Hello, I have a database in Access with this architecture: and I need with Linq to calculate and return the total price of a candidate’s training knowing that only the candidate who has attended at least 5 trainings gets a 20% discount. how to get this result with linq?
  2. H

    Question x:name not allowing code-behind to access

    Alright, after searching the internet for a good day I give up. Here is what I have as XAML: <RadioButton x:Name="RadioButton1" Content="Hello" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="225,190,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top"/> <RadioButton x:Name="RadioButton2" Content="Goodbye"...
  3. A

    Connection to the database in WPF with MVVM design pattern

    I am a beginner at MVVM design patter and WPF I am trying to make a small example of connection to the MS Access database using the WPF and MVVM Light Toolkit patter design. here is the code I insert for the connection: Model / DataConnection.cs public class DataConnection {...
  4. TheCoderMoe

    Question The best way to INSERT to Access ?

    hey all am a little bit new to C# and i was wondering what is the best way to use the SQL statement to insert data from Form application in to MS Access i found couple of codes on the internet but i really want the best effective and secure way to do this please help
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