1. Dhruvil

    Question Async C# code not executing in async manner

    I have created a C# wrapper for my Ax 2012 AIF Service which is triggered from power automate. There is a limitation in power automate that the gateway times out in 110 seconds. So, my requirement is to call my C# wrapper in async manner and get response immediately and not wait for any response...
  2. Dhruvil

    Question Communication Error because in Faulted state

    I am getting this error when I run my C# wrapper from Power Automate. But this error is returned only sometimes. On resubmitting my power automate flow, the code works as required. { "Message": "An error has occurred.\r\nclientRequestId: 66b3b4af-edc0-4bbb-b6e2-11e217c00480"...
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