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    Question refresh page after success login go to login page why and how to solve ?

    problem When Make login and refresh or reload page after login it come back to login page ? I work on MVC project web API work with angular 7 project client side . my problem is when write user name and password correct it make login and go to dashboard page that I done to work after...
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    Question Not reload the page in Ng-Click

    <a class="button" ng-click="L(Post)" ng-if="Post.uid =='true'" href="/About/Aboutpage" style="text-decoration:none;" ng-init="LDetails(Post)"> <input type="image" alt="" src="~/Images/like.png" style="max-height:20px; max-width:20px;" />&nbsp;Like<span class="badge">{{Post.L}}</span> </a> <a...
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