1. S

    Resolved Process of Building Web Apps

    Hi everyone, I would like to build a menu display system for tablets(no ordering feature). I have defined some endpoints for my API and it works (I'm using .NET Core and PostgreSQL) There are three main projects in a solution I guess: - Frontend for customer (Angular v13) - Backend for...
  2. S

    Does anyone know why i might be getting the following CORS error?

    I have the following task to do: "The goal of this exercise is to build a web client that interacts with this API. It should be able to send different parameters to the API, and display the air quality results for a given city in a friendly manner. The client only needs to support the...
  3. M

    Custom Mutilevel stepper with progress bar using angular12?

    Hi All, I have recently started working on angular12 and I am trying to add multi-Stepper with progress bar to my angular code but I am unable to get how to do this. Also I want to add a sub stepper on each step. How to add progress bar shown in attached image in header of the page using...
  4. mavbeez

    Pulling a view to compare against post data and add to db POST in Web API

    Hi, This is a quick question about Core 5 web api with entity framework. The API is attached to a SQL db that needs to do CRUD operations on it dependent on a Angular 11 client app. In addition to the CRUD operations, which are all working provisionaly, I also have a view present on the same DB...
  5. cpeye1987

    Sr Developer- C#, .NET, SQL, Java, Angular JS - REMOTE- 115K

    Sr Developer- C#, .NET, SQL, HTML, Java, Angular - REMOTE- 115K The Position: Developing software solutions by analyzing business needs by users and data. Primary responsibility is to develop tightly aligned business strategy and capabilities as it relates to architecting and building...
  6. A

    Question refresh page after success login go to login page why and how to solve ?

    problem When Make login and refresh or reload page after login it come back to login page ? I work on MVC project web API work with angular 7 project client side . my problem is when write user name and password correct it make login and go to dashboard page that I done to work after...
  7. V

    Question Not reload the page in Ng-Click

    <a class="button" ng-click="L(Post)" ng-if="Post.uid =='true'" href="/About/Aboutpage" style="text-decoration:none;" ng-init="LDetails(Post)"> <input type="image" alt="" src="~/Images/like.png" style="max-height:20px; max-width:20px;" />&nbsp;Like<span class="badge">{{Post.L}}</span> </a> <a...
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