1. lmstearn

    Question DLL Browser/ Repo for Application

    Hi there, First question here as just joined, it's one regarding how to go about planning/implementating a smallish application that: Simulates the behaviour of a most basic mod manager- think this but much less functionality. Provides drag & drop of DLL files or compressed packages containing...
  2. computer

    get Time

    I try to create app . scenario is i have a folder in that folder there is some files so every file is taking update in every 15 mint check image in image currenlt there is 3 files so every file update in every 5 seconds when this fully update then next file is create so i want when there is no...
  3. andylsbc6

    Question image/video from WebSocket

    Hi all. I have a camera (now using Arducam OV2640) connected to ESP8266. I am trying to build something that sends websocket data between a C# application and ESP8266. The main purpose of this project is to build a robot, that can view the camera on the robot and control it using a C#...
  4. S

    Creating an application bot

    Hello, I have written a bot for the web-browser game (Gladiatus), but it seems application bots to be more different. I am trying to load the game in my Form, so it would be easier for handling. Here is my unsuccessful code: [DllImport("user32.dll")] static extern IntPtr...
  5. D

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K.

    C#. NET / ASP.NET Application Developer – London - £35-55K. An excellent opportunity for an ASP / C# .NET Developer to join a finance company with extraordinary and realistic growth plans. Based in the Kensington area, you will be entering a well funded start up organisation which comes with...
  6. A

    FYI Windows phone application development contest

    devworx by Digit, in association with Microsoft is pleased to announce the Windows Phone Application development contest. Windows Phones have gathered popular consumer as well as developer interest in recent times. If you're an app developer, then you'd be pleased to know of exciting rewards...
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