1. MuhammadSamarShehzad

    Question Web page interaction

    I want to develop a C# console app that interacts with web page user provide it. i.e; If i have a column on my webpage where the user have to set (tick/cross) sign. I want that my C# app fill that whole column automatically according to data I provide it. Kindly recommend me methods for this...
  2. P

    Question How to integrate the AB testing methodology into the current automation framework

    We presently use the Automation Framework with MStest and Selenium C# POM framework for the e-commerce domain in our organization. Currently, organizations are moving toward an AB testing strategy for a few pages. Therefore, I am unsure of the testing strategy in existing Automation Framework...
  3. Automation23

    How to properly open SQL connection with a using statement and do basic data validation?

    Hello! I am new to database testing. I am doing mobile automation and I need to validate sent data in the database. I am trying to write a method that will open the db connection, do some implementation, and then close it. I need a method to return a value but I am stuck with it. So far I have...
  4. P

    In MS Test - running parallel tests - sql timeout comes

    I have framework which runs 12 threads parallel - each will have different test but may have to get result from sql connection Doing so - I'm receiving below error - Is there a way where I can do any workaround in my code to make it work without loosing parallel threads <add...
  5. P

    Need help when dealing with Excel Complex Data in MSTest

    Currently, I am fetching data from particular sheet where it matched a "Key" value - But now I want to access data from all sheets where it matches "Key" value In my excel - I have two sheets: LogInUserData and Sheet2 Now in LogInUserData Key Email Password RememberMe LogInSuccessfully...
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