1. Elad Yehuda

    An array of two-dimensional int as a PropertyChanged property

    Hello everyone! I'm writing code in WPF with a UserControl that builds a Sudoku board, so it can be used for any project that wants to add a Sudoku board. The idea I built is that the UserControl receives some kind of main interface that requires implementing special functions for the game...
  2. D

    Resolved How to toggle between two states

    I'm a non-programmer and absolute beginner using C#. I'm using C#.NET with VS 2019 to modify the video game GTA5 for scholastic purposes (albeit without the violence and swearing). I'm progressing well but would like some help with a new challenge. I have successfully written code below, that...
  3. J

    Hierarchical ViewModels

    I've created a UserControl which is a Calendar. It's almost identical to the Outlook calendar. Multiple calendars can be placed adjacent to each other to compare them, als shown in the image. For viewing the calendar, the user can choose between a month view and a week view. The month view...
  4. I

    MVVM Binding Textbox to Class Property in WPF

    I need help binding a textbox to a class property.....I am working in a WPF application using the MVVM design Pattern. I have created a few classes to do this. I have a Customer class public class Customer : BaseModel { private string _customerName; public string...
  5. T

    Question datagridview doesn?t show the datasource

    i?m trying to bind a list to a datagridview. i do that: public void seedatagrid(List<myClass> liste2) { dgv_TraceItems.DataSource =liste2; } and the datagridview has the data, but it doesn?t show anything. could you help me?? how can i resolve the problem?? thank you the class...
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