1. L

    Get Bitmap from PictureBox drawn Region

    Hello, I'm trying to solve a problem with graphics and drawing. To start with, i define a picturebox region, then with fillrectangle i draw into that region. What i would do now is creating a Bitmap from that drawn region (because then i need to use bitmap.getpixel to check colors) but I'm...
  2. C

    BayerBG8 to RBG image and putting in PictureBox

    I am having a lot of trouble converting a BagerBG8 byte array to RGB and then populating the RGB image into a pictureBox. I believe the code below solves the transformation to RGB but I cannot get that new byte array to fit inside the pictureBox. int src_width = 3840; int src_height = 2748...
  3. andylsbc6

    Question image/video from WebSocket

    Hi all. I have a camera (now using Arducam OV2640) connected to ESP8266. I am trying to build something that sends websocket data between a C# application and ESP8266. The main purpose of this project is to build a robot, that can view the camera on the robot and control it using a C#...
  4. C

    Problem when rendering my game.

    Hello I am making a simple snake game with images using that: private void rendering() { while (true) { if (pbCanvas.InvokeRequired) { //pbCanvas.Refresh()...
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