1. B

    Bool and indeterminate checkbox

    What is the preferred syntax for coding a forms app with a checkbox that can be ticked (true) or not (false). As there exists also the indeterminate state. A task in a course required bool to be sent to a overloaded method. This code works, but is it the best code? Asking as the course material...
  2. flashkid10

    Listview Check box header

    I currently have a listview that contain 5 columns and atextbox that helps search though the data stored. the search function isworking, but I want to link it to five bools (one for each column) so that Ican search though it faster. how do I attach a checkbox to just the columnheaders (and still...
  3. P

    XNA 2D Array help

    I'm trying to figure out how to add each "block" to a 2D array which I can then access and change the corresponding bool value to true or false as needed. Basically what this is meant to do is create an initial grid of white squares using one sprite and then as I click on each tile/square it...
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