1. naraomur

    504 Gateway Timeout: STRANGE!!! while server accepting the file into DB the response is not making it to the Client

    I have service that uploads and parses line by line into DataTable and records it via SQL bulk copy into the DB. Locally this service works fine with overall implementation in 20 secs and in LAN dev server takes a little longer in 46 secs. But when I run it on test server (the server for...
  2. R

    Question Bulk Insert Problem - inserting excel data

    Hi there, In my Blazor Server application, I am trying to insert excel data into a SQL database table. I am getting this error, but couldn't figure out why. Here is the sample excel, I am trying to bulk insert. Here is the table; CREATE TABLE [dbo].[RazerReconciliation]( [PID]...
  3. S

    Bulk-Insert to SQL LocalDB not working with Dapper Plus

    0 I am trying to populate my database column with name "StockInTable" using Dapper Plus nugget package. My stockin file is as below. class Stockin { [Key] public int ID { get; set; } public DateTime Date { get; set; } public string Sup_ID { get; set; } public string Sup_Name...
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