1. SRX

    How to use styles inside a DLL?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so here it is, I'm making a DLL for me, to ease my job, because there are classes that I use in every project, so why should i duplicate them, when I can use one DLL to finish the job, I also wanted to add some controls to it, buttons, so its like...
  2. F

    Save a picture from pictureBox to my PC

    Hi, I have a picture showing in a "pictureBox1" in my program, does anyone know how to save the picture from a "pictureBox" to the PC when a button is pressed?
  3. A

    Question RPM Calculator stack implemntation

    I am new to Csharp I am implmenting RPN calculator. The problem is i need to implem,ent this in 4 stacks .i ned help in implementation I have a multiline textbox .suppose i have pressed 2 and pressed enter it should got into 2 second line from bottom , 3 and enter (it should go 1 line from...
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