1. MichielJN

    Resolved Problem programming buttons

    public void BerekenTafelTegels() { if (Program.Tafel2.Count == 0) { } else if (Program.Tafel2.Count > 0) { int index = 0; foreach (List<Tegel> tafelTegels in Program.Tafel2) { if (tafelTegels.Count > 0) {...
  2. A

    Question Having problems throwing an acception when zero is entered in the form for math

    This is for class, and I do not expect the answer, just pointed in the right direction. The code I have written is correct according to the current point in the class, but I just can not get an exception thrown into the lblResponse.txt when zero's have been entered. If a zero has been entered...
  3. D

    Question buttons not working

    Hi. I have a code which should allow for images to open in the form in c# but buttons 3 and 5 aren't working for some reason and I can't find the problem. The code executes ok, but when I press the buttons I get no response. The other 3 buttons, load image / load image / button 4, are all...
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