c# 5.0

  1. juan.carosi

    Question Need help with my risk type game program - I'm lost, please help me

    My problems are: I would have to change the amount of players from 2 to a number introduced by the user (max 6). I have a problem with the sorting out of the dices results. I don't understand why the program returns always the result of 3 dices even when I tell him to use 1 or 2 dices. I would...
  2. Arad

    state.sb.Clear() malfunctions sometimes?

    I am just getting started with C# , i am experimenting with a socket server , socket server is receiving a string from a client application. this is the string that is being received by the server : This is the Code that is receiving the data from client : public static void...
  3. Z

    Question Logic need to create a side project

    Hi All, I have recently started learning C# and thought of a little side project to practice. Hence, i need a logic to approach the programming bit. If you can guide me through my first project, I'll really appreciate it. The exciting bit! I want to create a windows application that when it's...
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