1. M

    C++ Template in C#

    I have a template in C++ that looks like this: template<typename T> static void initStruct(T* t) { memset(t, 0, sizeof(T)); t->member1 = [something]; } Note that T can be different kind of structs and each one has "member1" but the size for each struct can be different.
  2. MohaMB

    Question How to add a value in a list inside another list that already exists?

    I have a bug and I don't know how to fix the bug is the following: I have a list, which in turn is of type <List <String>>, with the constructor what I do is save certain info, and what I have coded is what next: List<List<string>> opciones = new List<List<string>>(); public...
  3. Polski Arrow

    Resolved Test code with loops not working.

    Hi, I wrote that code below and built and compiled it to console program. That's my test code for strategy game in console. There I have to choose area by typing X and Y coordinates. Areas are int variables which can represent empty area (0) ad area with number of pawn (1-25). How should it...
  4. lynxAi

    C++ Letter to password

    To translate "China" into a password, the decoding rule is: replace the original letter with the fourth letter after the original letter. For example, the fourth letter after the letter "a" is "e". Replace "a" with "e". Therefore, "China" should be translated as "glmre". Please write a program...
  5. A

    Question Unable to Import C++ Function in C# using Digital Mars compiler but not using VS 2012

    The following simple C++ program is compiled using Digital Mars (v 8.57) and also using Visual Studio 2012 Empty C++ project type (build target 86). When I try to import the functions in a C# program, the application crashes reading the Digital Mars version but works fine using the VS version...
  6. R

    DllImport - Method's Type signature is not PInvoke compatible

    I've been provided a C++ DLL that needs to be referenced in my C# project. The closest I've come to using that DLL yields an exception: "Method's Type signature is not PInvoke compatible." This is a simple DLL in that there is only a single method with a single input object and single...
  7. K

    Flow - new exciting extension for VS

    Hi, check out the new Visual Studio extension called Flow. it automates the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation... It's compatible with any programming language including C#, C++.... download for free...
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