1. Starpan8

    Question Basic program problems

    Hello, I tried to practise some basic C# program in VS code, but I met some problems. What do you advise?
  2. toto_sharp

    C# which version to learn?

    Hi all, I've recently started learning c#, my question is which version of c# should I start learning?
  3. Chxnge4790

    Question How to executor code at program startup?

    Hi :D Can anyone help me, how do i execute a line of code when I launch my build/exe?
  4. P

    Updating Listbox in Another Form

    I have 2 forms. Form1 contains a list box and a button that says update. If the user selects a number from the list box and clicks the update button then form2 pops up. Then the user can enter a number in form2 and click the update button. I want the number that the use enters to be updated in...
  5. sultanuzzaman

    Navigation throws null exception when returning to a page 2nd time

    I have a serial port controller (for sensing any object that passes through its transport module) connected to USB. It responses with either 0 or 1 after input command "t" when it senses any dropping or no dropping of object through the transport. The page CshDeposit5 contains the code...
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