c# arrays

  1. W

    Question How to console cards as integers by using a List of cards

    Hello Everyone! I'm new at C#, and Would extremely appreciate any guidance =) Stack at this assignment and have a big hope the community can guide me through the process or at least partially. While unfortunately there is no feedback on my course at all. I'm still trying to read the Microsoft...
  2. Marcos

    2D Arrays

    Hey guys. I´m trying to develop a code for my engineering classes and having some truble with arrays. I´m using a 2D array as a matrix and need to find the value vx and vy. I have a previous value "lambda" and I need to compare this value with the first column( 0) . I´m looking for a value in...
  3. N

    Resolved How can I calculate the number of ships' of battleship games in the array?

    Need to calculate the number of ships. Ships are presented as a “battleship” game.“1” represents a ship, “0” represents water. C# namespace Ships { class Program { static int[,] ships = new int[10, 10] { { 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, }, { 0, 1...
  4. L

    C# declare empty string[ ][ ] (array of arrays)

    Hello there, my question is simple as that. I need to declare an array of arrays which are all strings, because I need to creare some sort of "grid". I'm importing a text file with a variable number of rows, but each row will have 4 values separated by ||, (so my idea would be to use a text...
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