c# basics

  1. stad_nico

    Resolved What is the best way of storeing custom data values?

    I am new to c# and I need to store many custom values maybe as an object? I am used to JavaScript, the following code does that what I want in JS, but I dont know how to do the same in c#: var exampleObject = { "playerScored":true, "goalCount": 5, "playerInfo": { "name": "Manuel...
  2. Adam2E

    can't add Unity script component?

    So im learning c# on unity, I got this error, ive gotten this error before and fixed it, but nothing im doing is working. the code doesn't seem to have errors and the script name and class name are the same. I would really apreciate some help
  3. S

    what is solution?

    hi guys, i do know what does solution explorer looks like and it can include projects in heiarchy shows properties, references and other things, but i am confused about what is the use of solution? Is there any corresponding thing in C or C++ that could help me understand it better?
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