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  1. Programmable Physics

    A custom tool(circle button) that is created by a class does not appear in toolbox after rebuild (VS 2022)

    I was trying to create a round button. For this, we need to create a class, here is the code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Drawing.Drawing2D; namespace CircularButton...
  2. Voqxdb

    Question C# - Button click - Select hotkey

    What i want. If you click the button (See picture) you can the press keys on your keyboard for example CTRL + D in The white text change to the hotkey you have set. This will be registerd in an enum list Like i have now: private enum Listry { LeftMouse = 1, RightMouse...
  3. developer8123413764

    (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) Controls from Form1 to Form2

    Hi I want to make a WebBrowser. Dont ask why i want it to make how i want it. The buttons (GoBack,GoForward,etc.) should be on Form1. The webBrowser is on Form2. How can i controll the webBrowser from Form1? Please help Thx
  4. S

    Have an app that sends commands

    Hi there I have an app, that depending on what is filled out, when the send command button is pushed, the proper commands are sent. BUT i would like to add a button that when pushed it would send those commands to a notepad / text file so a person could see exactly what commands would be...
  5. S

    made a program but need help adding a button

    Hi there I have a small program, that depending on what options you choose / enter, it would send the proper commands. I would like to add a button, that when pushed would send the commands to a text file, so a person could see what commands would be sent. is that possible? Thank you
  6. jag250

    Cancel button

    what code can I use behind a cancel button to close a panel? Below is the code I tried. pnlAddCourses.Visible = true; I have also tried this.Close();
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