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  1. MuhammadSamarShehzad

    Question Web page interaction

    I want to develop a C# console app that interacts with web page user provide it. i.e; If i have a column on my webpage where the user have to set (tick/cross) sign. I want that my C# app fill that whole column automatically according to data I provide it. Kindly recommend me methods for this...
  2. Programmable Physics

    Question How to remove/delete a string that has been just entered by a user and read by console from Console Interface Screen?

    I want to delete a user input if a condition is not met, and keep the Console interface same and intact without using Console.Clear() or goto menu; I want to delete whatever was entered by the user if a condition is not met. How can I do that? If I use Console.Clear() or goto menu; the same...
  3. Programmable Physics

    Question Simple Snake Game - Snake Head is not moving after ReadKey()

    The snake head ```0``` does not move anywhere when ```Console.ReadKey()``` happens. Here is the full code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; namespace SimpleSnakeGame_ConsoleApp { internal class Program {...
  4. Paradoxz1

    Resolved Create list of numbers to be displayed as string

    Hey guys, I have been looking around for a while now but I can't find anything to help me with my issue. I'm trying to create a list that has weeks of the year in it 1-52 weeks in 1 year and then display the weeks in a formated string. So that every 3 weeks are displayed (Week 1 Week 4 Week 7...
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