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  1. gceylandag

    Question Barcode printing program in C# Form

    Hello everyone, our products in our Excel file have their own barcode numbers and information. I want to see all the information in Excel in the form and print the barcodes of the products I choose from the ARGOX brand label device. Can you help me how to do this?
  2. gceylandag

    Resolved Extracting data from Excel with C# Form and printing barcodes

    There are products in our company's warehouse. Products have barcodes and item numbers. Saved in Excel. For example, when the product code is written on the form, we want a label to be written on the Argox Brand label machine. How can we do this?
  3. red_0220

    Question How to get Japanese Kanji with phonetic from excel file

    Hello; In an Excel file containing Japanese Kanji with phonetic, how can I get the phonetic above the Japanese Kanji? Here is a simple code Excel string extraction program, but it cannot capture the above Katakana. The code to get string from excel, but it cannot get the above Katakana...
  4. J

    Resolved Equality (==) Comparison Not Working?

    I'm trying to create an Excel UDF that acts like the native MATCH function, but with multiple criteria. While debugging with a simple comparison between numbers, the objListItem == objListCriteria line isnt't catching the match and is just skipped over "when it should" catch. I've looked at the...
  5. J

    Resolved pass an optional 2 dimensional params array argument?

    I'm trying to throw together an Excel add-in with ExcelDNA. I think I set up the ExcelDNA.registration "correctly". And I'd like to make a UDF that can handle one or more inputs/arguments as static values, single cell references, or ranges of cells. Ultimately, what I would like to get to is...
  6. J

    Question if (arg is int) not working?

    I was putting together an Excel add-in with some User Defined Functions (UDFs), using C#. Based on excelDNA documentation, I created a class that checks to see if OPTIONAL Excel arguments are present in a UDF. And if not, it assigns a default value. I created a couple of simple test functions...
  7. H

    Question Setting formula in excel file including %

    You can set formula like this in an excel file using c#: Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Formula = "=$A$4+$A$10"; If the formula contains '%' then an error occurs!!! (a table column name contains %) How can you use % in formula?
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