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  1. ReCoolCZ

    Question Player and picture boxes updating at different times

    Hello fellow programmers, why is my game updating at different times, even it shouldn´t? Here´s the code: public partial class Form1 : Form { bool goLeft, goRight, jumping, isGameOver; int jumpSpeed; int force; int score = 0; int playerSpeed = 10...
  2. S

    Resolved Hi guys, currently making a guessing game and need some help with my code..

    At the moment the program will only reveal a letter if the users input matches the specified letter within the iteration. What I would like to do is reveal a letter despite what iteration the user is on...e.g. if the user inputs "P" on the first iteration I want the program to reveal all the...
  3. Desxss

    Battleship console Help !

    Hello, help please, I have a game TIK - Tak - Toe, and in it I need to change the parameters: 1) Create a 10 x 10 map so that the x axis is from A to J and the y axis is from 1 to 0 2) so that there are 2 fields, the first where is still an empty field and the second in which we choose where we...
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