c# json parsing

  1. SaeedP

    What is the meaning of this part of code

    Hello, Can you please tell me what is the meaning of this code: return responseString!.choices[0].text; regards, Saeed
  2. F

    Trying to read in Json Data :/

    Could I get some assistance on this? I'm trying to read in Json data and just output a line to console [Test] public void Test5() { string fileName = @"C:\Users\blah\source\repos\cars.cs"; JObject Obj = JObject.Parse(File.ReadAllText(fileName))...
  3. ScuffedItalian1248

    Json Object deserialization issue using Newtonsoft

    I've deserialized a json file using the code below. I then add a new 'object' to that json file named _customData, now when I do this I get the error System.ArgumentException: 'Could not determine JSON object type for type <>f__AnonymousType0`2[System.Object[],System.Object[]].' at the line...
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