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  1. gulshan212

    C# Library Management Project Ideas

    Hello, this is Gulshan Negi. Well, I am making a project library management system, and I am taking references from here, but unfortunately, as you can also see, the video has been deleted from here. For this project, what factors and what things should I keep in mind? Can anyone give their...
  2. V

    Question Not reload the page in Ng-Click

    <a class="button" ng-click="L(Post)" ng-if="Post.uid =='true'" href="/About/Aboutpage" style="text-decoration:none;" ng-init="LDetails(Post)"> <input type="image" alt="" src="~/Images/like.png" style="max-height:20px; max-width:20px;" />&nbsp;Like<span class="badge">{{Post.L}}</span> </a> <a...
  3. N

    Question Printing text file contents on a console using HTTPClient

    How do you print a Text file on a console application with formatting like below in HTTPClient in C# Language? Here is how my textFile looks like: Hi|Fine! Here is all my code: using System; using System.Net.Http; using System.Threading.Tasks; class Program { static void Main() {...
  4. B

    Question How to use "CSML" library from CodeProject to Create a Matrix of Complex Numbers?

    How to use "CSML" library from CodeProject to Create a Matrix of Complex Numbers? Hi, I need to create a matrix of complex numbers using the "CSML" library available over at CodeProject. (I have no prior experience using "CSML".) I need to be able to access the numbers in the matrix via...
  5. R

    A demo for C# auto-programming

    C# programming become much easier: the code will be generated perfectly to fit the context, no google, no variable replacement, no irrelevant statements removement...even the beginner can create high quality code -- yes, it?s true in our snippetaid, all you do is just post your requirement and...
  6. S

    Question Sending data from client windows application to server console application

    What i'm trying is sending data from client which is windows application to server which is console application. First i have to start console application and accept connection from client which is windows form and i need to send listbox selected items to console application on button click.This...
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