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    Tip Technical Interview Resource for C# preparation

    Hello guys, I was preparing for my campus placements and found this resource for C# interview preparation C# Interview Questions and Answers (2023) | Adaface This site has C# interview questions and answers for beginner, intermediate and experienced candidates. These questions are categorized...
  2. C

    Using MongoDB in C#

    Hello guys!! So, i need help!! I want use the MongoDB, programming in C#. I need help, and i gonna make all 100% alone in the program C#. So, someone can help me please, how to use the Mongo DB database in C#? So, i know use MongoDB, and connect the database, using the tables, but, i have very...
  3. Kamen

    Resolved How do I prevent or solve 'database is locked' error in sqlite?

    Hello, everyone. I have some problems in c# SQLite data update and creating. I'm using SQLite as a database in my c# windows form application. By the way, sometimes I've got a "database is locked" error in SQLite, when I try to insert or update data. While searching the way on google, I got know...
  4. A

    Question Fraction Calculator problem

    Hello would someone please help me with my program, I'm stuck all day with this thing. The program runs, but I think the problem is a logical error. The fraction 1/4 + 2 1/2 should be equal to 2 3/4 but the program's result is 2 3/8. Another thing is the expression 1/8 + 2 1/2 should be...
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