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  1. ahmedaziz

    Question Can't make dynamic filter based on Query. Filter on radzen data grid ?

    I work on blazor server side .asp.net core 7 . I face issue I can't return data after filter from list on Radzen data grid First I create radzen data grid on razor page <RadzenDataGrid @ref="myDataGrid" AllowColumnPicking="true" FilterMode="FilterMode.Simple" AllowFiltering="true"...
  2. ahmedaziz

    How to store selected Id and selected text on hidden field using razor

    I work on razor asp.net core . I face issue i can't store selected value id and selected text of select option drop down on hidden fields so I need to create two hidden fields first hidden field to store selected value id and second for store selected text <div class="col-md-3 col-lg-2">...
  3. ahmedaziz

    How to allow table have pagination to display default value 10 rows ?

    I work on razor asp.net core I need to allow data table to have paginations options drop down with 5,10,15,20,25 so when load data it must display default rows per page as 10 rows as first page if i need to increase it to 10 or 15 etc it will accept change according to drop down selection i...
  4. ahmedaziz

    Question error 404() when try to make ajax request with type post to function OnPostshiftDataUp

    I work on asp.net razor , i get error when try make ajax request to access OnPostshiftDataUp ERROR : Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 () console.log(formdata) // serialize data...
  5. ahmedaziz

    Question How to allow cell on data table for edit and close after edit ?

    I work on asp.net razor page model . i face issue i can't edit datatable on same page by edit cell without redirect to another page I need to edit cell on same page my code details as below : public class UserModel { public string Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; }...
  6. ahmedaziz

    Question How to make user data details after login success with form below?

    I work on razor page on asp.net core 7 I need to make form or box with details of users success as below but I don't know what is name of box have user details I pass data after login success by following @TempData["UserId"] @TempData["UserName"] @TempData["Company"]...
  7. ahmedaziz

    Question How to get response details after success login razor page ?

    I work on asp.net razor page Login user name and password . I call Web API validate user name and password . my issue I face it I can't receive data returned after login success JSON data returned from web API after success login username and password { "message": "success"...
  8. ahmedaziz

    Question How to get list of checkboxes not checked on page model razor page?

    I working on razor page with .NET core 7 . my mainly issue How to pass unchecked checkboxes from html page to page model on post method ? so If I have group of checkboxes not checked so I need to pass it to page model as List on post method when submit form so user click submit button then on...
  9. ahmedaziz

    Question error object reference null after click submit button ?

    I working on MVC razor pages asp.net core 7 . I can't display success message after submit and insert data on same page . I get error System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error happen on Model.userModel.Branches Expected Result is display...
  10. ahmedaziz

    Question Ajax request not return branches drop down List based on company drop down list selected value?

    I working on MVC razor page with .NET core 7 .I face issue Ajax request not return branches drop down list based on selected value from drop down list country . with another meaning I need cascade branch drop down list based on country drop down list by using ajax request . so data display...
  11. O

    Creating a datatable in Razor PAge

    Hello, I want to create a data table in razor page. The datatable I want to create is available in the attached image. I want to do this without MVC. This table will be connected to a database. The data we create from here will be published on the website and will stay in the data base.
  12. P

    Razor app jQuery UI dialog to confirm delete registry method

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I use C# since many years ago, but just now I'm learning web development. I'm with a Razor Pages application that uses a Sql Server DB via ADO.Net, I managed to write Add and Update actions and that are done in the same Razor Page, and I have another Razor Page that is...
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