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  1. S

    Deciding the best approach to refactor some code

    Hi, I'm working on a test and I'm trying to find the best way to refactor the code below. Each case is an Enum and returns a boolean switch (request.PaymentScheme) { case PaymentScheme.Bacs: if (accountRetrieved == null ||...
  2. H

    Answered How to colour a textbox which contain the maximum value of a two-dimensional array?

    I have a two-dimensional array of random integers that are in an array of textboxes. I found the maximum and brought it to Label1. Everything works. But I still need to colour the textbox in which this maximum is located. I had versions, but unsuccessful. Please help, who knows where the error...
  3. mike22

    Question DataSets 2 console

    I have some code for listing product names and corresponding categories, by using Data Sets : created the Connection, Data Adapter, and Data Set Filling the Data Set with the Categories table Changed the command text and retrieve the Products table Defining the relationship between Categories...
  4. D

    C Sharp Training and Certification in Online & Classroom

    Are you looking to become a c sharp programmer?. In IT industry software development is one of the better career. In software development has lot of technologies - Java,.Net, PHP and more. In development compare to all technologies .net is one of the trending in software industry. In .net has...
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